Metropolitan Mountaineering Society


About US

The Metropolitan Mountaineering Society, also known as MMS or MetropolitanMS is a Manila (Philippine) based outdoor organization officially registered at the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock, non-profit organization. Though the organization started out in  Metro Manila where majority of the members comes form; currently there are already members outside of the city and even the country. Wherever there are significant numbers of members located in a physical geography, an informal chapter arises like the MMS-US chapter to celebrate the long lasting bong that ties each member.

The organization was founded on March of 1994 at the summit of Mt. Makiling in Laguna. It was founded by what now is considered the eight founding members -- Dennis Sacro, Ed Ocampo, Long Henson, Anne Sacro, Jeric Yaya, Joey Avila, Richard Kahulugan and Boying Amio.




We commit to develop ourselves in protecting the environment by promoting responsible mountaineering and other outdoor related activities.


"Shaping people for nature."


Educate people by conducting trainings, seminars, forums, and conferences related to outdoor activities.

Undertake social, civic, and environmental projects.

Advocate and be a role model of values and wilderness ethics.

Foster friendship and camaraderie.

Establish national and global presence through networking and coordination with other organizations.

Generate funds and resources and acquire and sell properties.

MMS Creed

We the members of the Metropolitan Mountaineering Society protect and preserve nature. We share in that responsibility by engaging and promoting outdoor related activities by actively practicing an environment friendly lifestyle.

We the members of the Metropolitan Mountaineering Society abide by and uphold the MMS Constitution. We respect and follow our leades, our culture and our traditions. We commit ourselves to the organization. We support its projects and activities.

We the members of the Metropolitan Mountaineering Society value camaraderie. We respect each other and we complement our differences. We will always be resposible for each other at all times.

We the members of the Metropolitan Mountaineering Society believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves. We practice and cultivate a healthy physical, mental and spiritual way of life. We continuously enrich ourselves with the skills related to our sports and the environtment.

And in all of these, we shall always rember, that "Once an MMS! Forever an MMS!".