Team MMS

The competitive side of MMS

Team MMS traces back its history during the first ever MMS Olympics on the summer of 1998 held at Puerto Galera in the Island of Mindoro. Though it was a fun activity, the competition showed the members how competitive MMS can be and since then there was a yearning for some of its members to look for outlets to profess this passion. Though most people go into outdoor sports such as mountaineering purely as a stress reliever, away from the traditional stressful competitive sports, it’s still healthy for once in a while to engage oneself to competition, which is basically the very essence of nature’s evolution. Thus we can say that the MMS Olympics is the grassroots program that opens up members to see if the world of competitive sport is for them. 

Formally, the very first Team MMS was organized in 2000 to join the Mt. Pinatubo Pro Am Challenge, during the time Adventure Racing was becoming popular. The first Team MMS was composed of Mark Santos, Long Henson, Yoko Ito and a non-MMS, Joey Perez (Long’s officemate in eTelecare).  The group finished 10th place over a field of 44 competitors, a great start for the team and since then, MMS was hit by the adventure racing bug.  From then on, MMS joined several adventure races such as:

Team MMS was pivotal to promote other sports within the organization. These sports either gave members new hobbies or sports as well as an outlet for a healthy lifestyle outside of mountaineering specially for those who are already too busy to afford a weekend getaway in the mountains. Most of its members are also in the forefront of cycling through MMS Bikers and other sports such a marathon and multi sports.

Since currently, Adventure Racing is in the decline, some members are into other sports such as Executive Cycling and Multi-Sports where they have carved a name unto themselves. Here are some of the members who are in the fore front of these other sports and even adventure racing:

Cycling (Road/ Mountain Bike)


Adventure Racing

Those who have been a member of Team MMS past and present:

Long Henson, Edwin Serapio, Rodel Palisoc, Jun Medrano, Robert Arevalo, Rommel Jotic, Yoko Ito, Beth Policarpio, Mark Santos, EJ Jose, Jocel Joaquin, Jodel Coates, Naidz Fontelera, Peter Barrios, Gregg Rodil, Nolan Debuque, Retzel Orquiza, Heidi Sarno, Deo Cas, Vince Rodriguez, Jerome Licup, Lea Latayan, Juboy Willkomm, Wiwit Acuna