MMS was founded on March 13 by now considered the 8 founding members, Dennis Sacro, Long Henson, Ed Ocampo, Jerick Yaya, Boying Amio, Richard Kahulugan, Joey Avila and Anne De Leon-Sacro at Mt. Makiling in Laguna.

The original name of the organization was Nature’s Camp. The name Metropolitan Mountaineering Society was suggested by Jeric Yaya in one of the meetings which the group eventually adapted.

The first MMS Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) was held at Mt. Maculot, Mt. Romelo, Mt. Lukban de Banahaw and Mt. Banahaw. Joey A02vila was the first Training Committee Chairman. 17 new members were considered as part of Batch 94. Besides the 8, Pauline Carganilla, Malen De Guzman, Claire de Ocampo, Bong Ocampo, Bong Ramos, Nick Pacis, Reiner Glori, Butchoy Macasaet and Jonjon Alegre comprise Batch 94.

The first induction happened at Mt. Banahaw with Anne Sacro, Malen de Guzman and Pauline Carganilla as inductees. The second induction happened at Mt. Halcon with Dennis Sacro, Ed Ocampo, Long Henson, Joey Avila, Nick Pacis, Richard Kahulugan and Butchoy Macasaet and the last induction of the year happened at Banahaw with Jonjon Alegre.

Dennis and Anne Sacro was the first couple member of the organization.

Ed Ocampo and then Dennis Sacro served as MMS president for 1994. Ed Ocampo resigned a few months after being elected and Dennis Sacro was elected as his replacement (Bong Ocampo as VP, Anne Sacro as Secretary, Long Henson as Treasurer and Jeric Yaya as Auditor).

The 1994 Constitution was promulgated at the same year as the basis for the organization’s existence. The group was then registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock and non-profit organization.

The eight founding members plus Bong Ocampo served as MMS’ first Board of Directors.

Two projects were successfully conducted that year, a Tree Planting at Mt. Arayat and a Clean-up Drive at Mt. Banahaw.

In October of 94, an MMS member was involved with the Mt. Halcon Tragedy. MMS offered support to the rescue efforts as part of the various contingents who volunteered for the rescue operations.

The first MMS logo was designed by Jonjon Alegre. He won a logo making contest held within the members of the organization.

The First MMS Awards Night happened during the Thanksgiving Party to celebrate the successful efforts of the Halcon incident. The event was held at Bong Ocampo’s residence.

The Year End Christmas Party was held at Richard Kahulugan’s residence. An election was held and Long Henson was elected as president for 1995.

An activity of the organization was published in an article in the MOD Magazine. It was written by one of the former trainee/ guest of 1994. It was the first article relating to MMS though there was no mention of the name of the organization.


1995-mt-pulogLong Henson assumed as president for 1995. (Bong Ocampo as Vice President, Pauline Carganilla as Secretary, Jerick Yaya as Treasurer and Jonjon Alegre as PRO).

BMC Orientation was held at Ezekiel Building at Makati City. The BMC Day was held at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Long Henson also served as the Training Committee Chairman for 1995.

After the completion of the BMC training, 6 new members were inducted to comprise Batch 95- Edwin Serapio, Rodel Palisoc, Jun Medrano, Mark Salcedo, Brian Timario and Roland Javier.

The first edition of the MMS newsletter, The MMS Explorer was published with Bong Ocampo as Publisher, Anne Sacro as the first Editor-in-Chief and Mark Salcedo as the Managing Editor.

The year’s Christmas Party was held at Bong Ocampo’s residence.

An election ensued with Long Henson as President, Mark Salcedo as Vice President, Claire de Ocampo as Secretary, Roland Javier as Treasurer and Jeric Yaya as PRO.

MMS went to Mt Pulag for 2 times this year; the first one was during the induction of Batch 95 middle of the year and another climb at the end of the year.


Long Henson was re-elected as President for the second time and 96 was also his second year as the Training Committee Chairman. He also served as the Editor in Chief of the MMS Explorer for the same year.

The BMC orientation was held at the BETP offices in Makati.

5 members comprises batch 96 with 4 of them females, the only time they were on the majority. Batch 96 includes Baby Hualda, Merci Guilas, Anne Palisoc, Colette Flores and Bob Ali, the first foreign member. He is from Bangladesh.

MMS climbing party was stranded for a few days in Romblon during the long summer major climb at Mt. Guiting-guiting due to a storm that lashed the Visayas.

Rodel Palisoc and Anne Palaganas-Palisoc was the first member couple who have met inside the organization.

The MMS website was launched. MMS was the second local mountaineering group to have a website. It was created by Long Henson and it was an instant hit even with the non-members of the organization, making the organization’s name known within the community.

The first member to climb outside the country, Boying Amio did a Mt. Fuji during his work stint in Japan.

MMS started the tradition of giving batch names based on mountains with 94 as Halcon, 95 as Pulag and 96 as Guiting-guiting.

The group also started joining invitational inter-group activities like the Daraitan climb by Pilipinas Sierra and the CFTF climb at Twin Falls in Cavinti.


This was the third year of Long Henson as the Training Committee Chairman. The BMC Orientation was again held at BETP.

Only two members were inducted this year, Bobby Gamboa and Blanca Ocampo-Yaya; the smallest number so far. The batch was dubbed as Batch Pinatubo after a successful ocular on Mt. Pinatubo when it was still not open for climbers.

Edwin Serapio and Long Henson were the first members to reach the Philippines’ highest, Mt. Apo.

An election was held after the BMC training and after Long Henson went outside the country for work related training. Jeric Yaya won the presidency and in his term, he has changed the structure of the officers to adapt to the membership limitations of the organization. Ed Ocampo, Jun Medrano, Mark Salcedo, Brian Timario and Bob Ali were designated as the Executive Officers of the organization.

Jerick Yaya commissioned Bobby Gamboa to design a new Logo which the organization used from 1997.

A tree planting activityhappened at Mt. Natib at the latter part of the year and a gifts giving project during the December climb at Mt. Pulag. The tree planting was funded by a T-shirt selling campaign.

Mark Salcedo took over the editorship of the MMS Explorer.

The Christmas Party was held at Mark Salcedo’s residence in Merville Paranaque.


The website got a major facelift dubbed as Version 2.0.

The BMC training was re-structured to focus on camaraderie rather than just technical skills. This was Long Henson’s fourth year as Training Committee Chairman. 15 members were produced which was then dubbed as Batch Isarog after the group’s first climb at Isarog that year. This was also the first year the position Batch Coordinator or Chairman was assigned amongst the trainees. This year to Joan Aday.

The 15 members include Joan Aday, Jovert Bautista, Girlie Elman, Roy Flores, Jun Genoveza, Ariel Geronimo, Erwin Luz, Mhon Martinez, Kae Masangkay, Ting Ocampo, Boki Olipas, Bong Pico, Nini Salgado, Thon Tan and Queenie Tolentino.

This was the year were the practice of Batch colored T-shirt was started.

It was the first year the MMS Olympics were held. It was the new members (Gray) versus the old members (Black). The old members won the event. It was held at Puerto Galera in Mindoro Island.

The first Miss MMS pageant was also held in conjunction with the sport fest.

The first MMS Year Book was published.

Jeric Yaya initiated the re-drafting of the Constitution which resulted in the 1998 Constitution. It was held at Thon Tan’s residence. It was unanimously ratified thereafter during the Batch 98 Induction Party.

The first Induction party and the first themed party with the theme- Malong only.Mark Salcedo was elected as president for 1998-1999 during the mid-year elections. (Jun Medrano as VP, Blanca Yaya as Secretary, Merci Guilas as Treasurer and Ariel Geronimo and Joan Aday as PROs)

A new set of Board of Directors were elected as a result of the new constitution. It includes Joey Avila, Jonjon Alegre, and Nick Pacis to serve from 1998 to 2001 and Long Henson, Jerick Yaya and Ed Ocampo from 1998 to 2004.

The first time the term Hardcore was applied to those who have climbed Mt. Halcon after the induction of some members of Batch 98 was held at Mt. Halcon.

The STEC, the Special Training and Education Committee were established with Blanca Yaya and Mhon Martinez as its proponents. While formalization of the property custodians and the renting policies were established with Bob Ali and Merci Guilas as its proponents.

One of the biggest projects of MMS to date, the Dumagat Immersion Project was concluded with Batch 98 as the lead proponents, headed by Joan Aday, their Batch Coordinator. It was held at Dona Remedios Trinidad in Bulacan in partnership with the Bulacan LGU and Galilee Foundation.

A Search and Rescue Group was also created after Queenie Tolentino, Bob Ali, Jun Medrano, Edwin Serapio and Long Henson attended the PAF 505 Search and Rescue Training Course.

The MMS E-Flash, the precursor to the MMS Egroups which is an e-mail on everything related to mountaineering was published weekly by Long Henson.

The calendar of activities of MMS was published in the magazine, The Sun Star Horizon.

This year’s Christmas Party adapted the costume themed party with a theme- 70s. It was held at Mhon Martinez’ residence.


The MMS Website won an award from a foreign website awards giving body.

The 1999 BMC chairman was Joan Aday. The BMC was further upgraded with inputs from the PAF 505 training course some members attended. This became the template for all succeeding BMCs of the organization as of to date and the best course related to local mountaineering during that time.

The first environmental lecture, “Mountaineering, tungosamakabuluhangpag-akyatsabundok” as part of BMC was held at the UP with representatives from DENR as speakers.

Batch Ugu was composed of 12 members- Myrtle and Erwin Yap, Beth and Chie Policarpio, Robert Arevalo, Rosan Cruz, Nancy Geronimo, Irene Descargar, Sharlene Dimayuga, Kieth Villaruel, Rommel Jotic and Tara Lupiba. Myrtle Yap served as its Batch Coordinator.

The second summer games wereheld with 4 teams representing the colors of MMS (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow). This would serve as the precursor to the 4 Tribes of MMS. It was won by the Blue Team.

The Batch 99 induction party was held at the Yap’s residences.

Jun Medrano was elected President for 1999 to 2000. His officers include Bob Gamboa as VP, Rosan Cruz and Joan Aday as Secretaries, Blanca Yaya and Kae Masangkay as Treasurers and Mhon Martinez and Myrtle Yap as PROs).

Another milestone, the MMS Book, the first local mountaineering book published in the Philippines was launched at the Quezon City Circle.

The MetropolitanMS and the MMSChika egroups were created on June 14, 1999, one of the first in the community. The MMS E-Flash was initially adapted to the MetropolitanMS egroups. The MetropolitanMS was one of the biggest Philippine mountaineering related egroups.

The Makiling Mud Spring Board Marker was the project of Batch 99. The creation or rediscovery of an old Makiling trail was also initiated by Batch 98 but was abandoned after finding it as unfeasible.

This year’s Christmas Party was themed- The Matrix and was held at the family restaurant of one of the member, Nancy Geronimo. The Second Awards Night happened during the party.


Batch 2000 or Batch Napulauan was to be considered the biggest batch to date with 28 members. Myrtle Yap assumed Training Committee Chairman for this year. Ann Castro was the Batch Coordinator.

The BMC Day was held at the Policarpio’ s Farm in Bulacan.

Members of Batch 2000 includes Tina Arevalo, Peter Barrios, Rommel Bisda, Ann Castro, Carl Chua, Jodel Coates, Amy Curammeng, Edwin Esguerra, Tricia Felicida, Naidz Fontelera, Josel Joaquin, EJ Jose, Jerry Jose, Kel Magdaleno, Ronald Malimata, Yeabah Manalo, Oyie Margallo, Lenin Mojares, Arman Olano, David Oquias, Allan Palomares, Mitz Picardal, Pete Quilala, Maane Santiago, Tonie Santos, Mark Santos, Edward Valencia and Manny Zacarias.

Team MMS was established. The first race the MMS participated was the Mt Pinatubo PRO-AM Challenge with Mark Santos, Long Henson, Yoko Ito and Joey Perez (non-member) as participants. The team finished 10 out of 44 teams.

The induction party was held in a resort in Los Banos Laguna. Edmund Martinez was elected president for 2000 to 2001. Edwin Serapio was the VP, Ann Castro as Secretary, Tonie Santos as Asst. Secretary, Kae Masangkay as Treasurer, Chie Policarpio as Asst. Treasurer, Edwin Esguerra as PRO and Tina Arevalo and Pete Quilala as Assist. PROs.

Edwin Esguerra assumes Editorship of the MMS Explorer.

The first MMS Kiddie Camp was held at Mt. Makiling with the Don Bosco Youth Group as the first benefactor. It was the project of Batch 2000.


The year’s BMC were held at Mhon Martinez’s farm in Bulacan.

24 members were inducted to form Batch 2001 or Batch Manabu. Ann Castro acted as the Training Committee Chairman and Arin Desembrana as the Batch Coordinator.

Rey Agustin, Gil Alto, Audrey Alumbro, Mark Arevalo, Lui Baltazar, Batz Daguio, James De Villa, Nolan Debuque, Arin Desembrana, Sioni Eduarte, Mike Eusebio, Mayette Gube, Tintin Henson, Ron Magsakay, Edsel Moscoso, May Pagador, Jeyps Pelingo, Ding Prudencio, Greg Rodil, Jay Sacdalan, Ping Soliman, Miller Villa, Cris Villasis, Jaice Villasis and Herbert Ymata comprises Batch 2001.

Rommel Jotic was elected President for 2001-2002, Yoko Ito as VP, Tina Arevalo as Secretary, Chie Policarpio as Treasurer and Arin Desembrana as PRO.

Jun Medrano, Edmund Martinez and Merci Guilas were elected as Board of Directors to replace Jonjon Alegre, Joey Avila and Nick Pacis.

The annual Open Climb season was institutionalized as an official outreach, fund raising program and extension training for the incoming new members in terms of organizing climbs.

The most controversial project to date, the Mt Pulag Marker was set-up by Batch 2001.

Team MMS participated at the Guimaras Survival Challenge and the first San Miguel UJAR Challenge.

The year’s Christmas Party theme- The 80s was held at the Scrapyard Resort in Angono Rizal.


Arin Desembrana handled the BMC training this year with Batch Daguldul producing 22 members. Dindo Narciso was the Batch Coordinator.

Emma Atienza, Paul Barrios, Jude Bustamante, Ariel Cambri, Deonitz Cas, Rudy Causing, Erwin Espejon, Steph Flores, Windsor Genova, Jerome Licup, Orly Matel, Frederick Maulion, Jennifer Mendoza, Dindo Narciso, Retzel Orquiza, Aimee Purpura, Cary Regaspi, Vince Rodriguez, Butch Santander, Heidi Sarno, Marlon Tarcatac and Raul Toledo comprises Batch 2002.

Induction Party was held in a resort in Los Banos Laguna with the theme Back to School. An election was also held.

Anne Castro was elected president for 2002-2003, the first lady president of MMS. Her officers include Edwin Esguerra as VP, Steph Flores as Secretary, Ding Prudencio as Treasurer and Frederick Maulion as PRO.

Team MMS joined UJAR 2, UJAR 3 and the first ever Mt Makiling Mountain Quest where Yoko Ito’s picture was featured in the daily broadsheet, The Philippine Star.

MMS Bikers were informally established.

The Constitution was again revised, the 2002 Constitution to reflect the needs of the organization. It was electronically ratified in the year end’s general assembly. The fiscal year was changed to January to December thus extending the term of Anne Castro by 6 months.

The MMS Coop was established; patterned after the successful REI in the US. It was an initial success but subsequently, the Coop died down due to the other commitments of its members.


MMS Pulag Marker stirs controversies.

Dindo Narciso handled the Training Committee for 2003 producing 21 members known as Batch Tawangan.Em Galera was the year’s Batch Coordinator. BMC Orientation was held at Triple V Megamall on January 11. BMC was held on January 25-26 at Makiling.

Suzette Aquisap, Mec Camitan, Ann Carpio, Rod Claro, Anche Del Mundo, Aidz Demavivas, Paul Diokno, Em Galera, Jay Jaime, Lea Latayan, Ruwen Libato, Ohmer Miranda, Cris Ramos, Jojo Romero, Alvin San Diego, Enrico Sanchez, Anj Simeon, Drin Tangalin, Marie Tardecilla, Jejah Villa and Juboy Willkomm composes Batch 2003.

MMS was mentioned in an article in the February 19 and April 6 editions of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Team MMS Coop’s picture was published in the Jan-Feb issue of FHM.

The sport fest was held on May 1 at the Pasig Capitol grounds then on May 10 at the Don Bosco Makati grounds. The annual Beachineering was held in Real in Quezon. The Aeta won the overall championship for this year’s sport fest.

An Operation Tuli was also held in June for the orphans of Bethany in Bulacan conducted by the doctors of MMS.

Batch 2003 graduation was held at Villa Valencia Resort in Pansol Laguna on June 21-22.

MMS Conducts an LNT trainer’s training in Laguna to increase future resources that can teach LNT.

On July 5, MMS held the First MMS Inter-Club Amateur Bowling Tournament at the Puyat Sports at Starmall.

The Mt Pulag Induction climb was also held as a small mission project for school supplies donations by Batch 2003.

The MMS 10th year anniversary committee was formed for next years celebrations. A logo making contest was launched.

A tree planning activity was held at San Ysiro in Antipolo Rizal in August 30.

MMS LNTTrainors taught LNT workshop to 4L Mountaineering Club.

Mark Santos and Naidz Fontelera trains at PAF 505.

Team MMS placed 4th on the Puerto Carrera race composing of Jerome Licup, Retzel Orquiza and Yoko Ito. On the AXN Challenge, Team MMS Masculados placed 6th place overall, MMS Amazonas 3rd place overall and Team MMS 16th. Other includes San Miguel Light Enduro- 6th place, Montalban Orienteering – 4th place and Makiling Quest 6-8th place. At Carrera Habagat, MMS placed 12th out of 23 teams. They placed 4th place in the Protek Challenge. Finished the Calamba-Makiling Adventure Challenge.

Theme for this year’s Christmas Party was Triple X-mas (Black and Red). It was held at Brannigans in Timog, Quezon City.

An election ensued under the new constitution with Edwin Serapio being elected as President for 2004-2005. His VP is Arin Desembrana, Ding Prudencio as Treasurer, Cris Ramos as Secretary and Vince Rodriguez as PRO.

Due to the new 2002 Constitution, a new set of Board of Directors were elected with Jun Medrano, and Long Henson for 2004 to 2009 and with Dindo Narciso, Beth Policarpio and Rommel Jotic for 2004 to 2007.

But due to some series of events that caused inaccuracies with the 2002 Constitution, the first task of the new BODs was to revise it which will eventually supersede it as the 2004 Constitution.