1st - Tasaday

2nd - Aeta

3rd - Badjao

4th - Mangyan

MMS Sportfest is a fun activity held annually to promote camaraderie among its members. It is also an avenue for members to try out other traditional sports and to meet people of the same interest. Finally it is also the grassroots program that discovers sports talents within MMS either as future member of Team MMS or in their own endeavors.

The history of MMS started out in 1998 when the first MMS Summer games were held in Puerto Galera in Mindoro. During that time, the competing teams were just separated into two, the new members and the veterans.  Despite the teasing of the younger generations, the veterans proved to them that they have many more to learn as the veterans emerged as the winner of the very first MMS Olympics.  The succeeding games had teams drawn out and were grouped into colors until 2001 when the Official Tribes were set-up which becomes the lifelong permanent teams of each members. These groupings became the pride and joy of each member and are often the source of fun within MMS a one claims to be the best amongst the rest. It pretty much gave members further diversity through sub-groupings within the organization as its membership population grew. 

TRIBES & Years championed